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March 20, 2015 | Permalink
While the recent federal court injunction against key portions of President Obama’s executive action on immigration has put the future of the Administration’s deferred action programs in doubt, employers of foreign nationals in the United States should rest assured that the government’s business-related immigration reforms are still going forward. read more
November 20, 2014 | Permalink
In a decision with potentially broad applicability to sponsoring employers, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit overturned USCIS’s denial of an L-1B visa petition and criticized the agency’s inconsistent adjudication of L-1B specialized knowledge cases. read more
October 20, 2014 | Permalink
It is well known by now that tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America have arrived at our southwestern border in recent months — a total of 68,541 in FY 2014, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This represents an increase of 77 percent over last year’s total of 38,759. read more