Fragomen provides the following services in Germany:

Compliance Consulting and Analysis

We ensure that companies and their employees remain complaint with all relevant German immigration regulation. We conduct extensive compliance reviews in order to ensure that compliance standards are being met. In addition, we provide recommendations in case of necessary process changes or corrective actions.

German Citizenship Application

We advise on the possibility of obtaining German citizenship. While we assess the individual case, we offer comprehensive advise an on the process of naturalization and the specific requirements. We prepare the application, file it with appropriate authorities in Germany and monitor the application process.

German Entry Visa Applications (C Visas)

We advise employers on the required visa type required for any employee traveling to Germany. We give guidance on the documentation requirements in each case and prepare the visa application for the employer to be submitted at German embassies and consulates abroad. We also assist companies with complex and expedited business visa applications.

German Permanent Residency Applications

We advise companies on how to apply for permanent residencies on behalf of their employees and their dependants and we assist individuals in obtaining permanent residency in Germany. We provide information on the procedures and requirements, we determine the required documentation, and we prepare the application and file it with the appropriate authorities.

German Work and Residence Permit Applications

We advice employers on necessary residence and work permit to apply for on behalf of their assignees, who are being deployed in Germany and for any accompanying dependants. We specify the procedures and inform them about the documentation that the employer, their employees and their dependants have to provide. We prepare and file applications with the appropriate national authorities in Germany and prepare corresponding applications for German embassies and consulates abroad. We closely monitor the whole application process and we will intervene at any stage if necessary.

German Work and Residence Permits Renewals

We keep track of work and residence permits of employees in order to identify upcoming expiry dates. We assist on the preparation of the renewal applications, file these with the competent German authorities and thereby assure the timely renewal of any residence and work permit.

Maintenance of Expatriate Records

We conduct compliance assessments which include the permanent review of expatriate records in order to ensure full compliance with the national legislation on immigration matters and timely renewals of necessary residence and work permits.

Retention of German Citizenship

We advise on the circumstances of retention of German citizenship while applying for any other nationality. We assess each individual situation and give advice on the further proceeding and on the required documentation for the permission for retention of German citizenship (“Beibehaltungsgenehmigung”) if necessary.

Strategic Consulting on German Immigration and Nationality Law

We work with employers to identify the necessary types of visa or work and residence permits for deployments, assignment or business trips of employees and advice on specific requirements. We closely monitor all modifications on German immigration and citizenship legislation, hence we are always able to provide up to date advice on all types of international deployment and travel of employees into Germany.