Virginia, US
Address Change Notification Requirement for all Foreign Nationals
All foreign nationals should be aware of the Department of Homeland Security’s regulations on address change notification. All non-U.S. citizens, including lawful permanent residents, are required to notify DHS of changes of address within 10 days of such change. The only foreign nationals exempt from this requirement are nonimmigrants in the A (foreign diplomats) and G (representatives of international organizations) visa categories, and nonimmigrants who are not required to possess a visa and are in the United States for fewer than 30 days.
You may notify USCIS of a change of address in one of two ways. You may file Form AR-11, the Alien’s Change of Address Card, by mail. In the alternative, you may use the agency’s online address change notification system.
Failure to comply with the address change notification requirements may affect your ability to remain in the United States and your ability to reenter the United States after travel abroad; noncompliance may also be criminally punishable as a misdemeanor, with a fine not to exceed $200 and/or imprisonment of not more than thirty days. Therefore, it is imperative that you comply with the address change notification requirements, and we recommend that you make a copy of your address change form and other pertinent documents in the event that the Government alleges that you failed to comply.
If you are an applicant for an immigration benefit, you must notify the relevant USCIS office(s) processing the case by calling the agency’s National Customer Service Center at (800) 375-5283 or, if a paper Form AR-11 was filed, by using the online change of address system and providing the receipt number for your pending application.