Amsterdam is the cultural, creative and economic centre of the Netherlands.  Known for its canals, art, museums, distinctive architecture and over 1,500 bridges, Amsterdam emerged as an important port during the 17th Century Dutch Golden Age, becoming a thriving centre for international trade and finance.
Immigration has long played an important role in shaping and developing the Netherlands.  Today, Amsterdam stands proudly as a UNESCO World Heritage site and a magnet for people from all over the world who choose to live and work in the vibrant city.  It is also home to some of the world’s leading international corporations and financial institutions. 
Fragomen has a well-established history in the Netherlands and has been advising clients and individuals on Dutch-related immigration matters since the 1999 opening of the Benelux practice in our Brussels office – the first Fragomen international office to be opened outside the USA.   
Our Dutch- and English-speaking lawyers and immigration professionals have deep local and international legal knowledge and practical experience assisting companies to establish and grow in the Netherlands. Our practice maintains close relationships with Dutch immigration authorities, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Dutch Labour Authority, and relevant Ministries.  This enables us to advocate for practical immigration policy, pass on first-hand knowledge of proposed legislative and procedural changes to our clients, and proactively adapt immigration programs to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance. 
The Netherlands’ business-friendly environment makes it the “Gateway to Europe” for many. Our Netherlands immigration team works closely with our broader European teams to provide practical workforce planning solutions across the continent. 
Fragomen in the Netherlands is Fragomen Global LLP (CCI Number 68779216 - VAT number NL8575.88.199.B01). It does not receive any third-party funds and accordingly does not have a Stichting Derdengelden.
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