Business Process Coordinator

Job Description

An exciting opportunity to work as a Business Process Coordinator. This role will be responsible for managing the Firm’s Client Protocols Library which includes but not limited to, updating and maintaining all relevant clients’ protocols in the value chain of case management, to optimize how case teams comprehend and utilize protocols in the delivery of client service and billing, which will translate to a predictable client experience and improve billing across all regions.


  • Work closely with Client Services Managers /Partners as needed to help with cascading a clear understanding of the structure, essence, implications and importance of a standardized central protocol repository
  • To document new or standardize existing client related protocols in a consistent and precise manner in alignment with firm standards
  • To update the firm’s central protocol repository with new or changes to existing protocols accurately
  • To maintain the currency of the firm’s central protocol repository after ensuring appropriate approvals
  • To actively engage in cascading of information to all relevant stakeholders that need to be aware of new or changes to protocols to ensure the consistent understanding and thereby execution of the protocol in daily case work/management
  • Work in close collaboration with the internal teams  like Client Services Managers, Finance service Managers, Case teams, practice leaders, partners, IT, Global Back Offices, etc. to ensure effective management and knowledge sharing of the protocols
  • Conducting periodic reviews of the protocols library in conjunction with client teams to ensure the data and information documented are current
  • Conduct trainings at local, regional/global level as needed to ensure optimal usage of the Library
  • Sending period tips, updates and analytics of the Protocol Library


  • Proficient in MS office (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) applications
  • Proficient English written and spoken skills
  • Aptitude to learn proprietary Fragomen tools and working on web applications
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to understand and convey what is required
  • Ability to work effectively in a cross cultural job responsibility
  • Excellent comprehension and application abilities
  • Excellent record of building strong client relationships across different levels

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