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What is the immigration school?

It is an opportunity for you to learn about a career in law and immigration in particular. As well as legal professionals, there will be speakers from Parliament, government, the press, a charity and academia, who will all talk to you about how they got their jobs and what they enjoy most.

The core theme will be immigration. We want to help students learn about the law, politics, economics and the people who are moving to improve their lives and to benefit the UK. It will be held over five evenings in October and November, in two-hour slots. We hope you will finish the course with a better understanding of the jobs that can be available to students, how you can go about applying and an interesting, worthwhile experience to talk about at interview.

Why do Fragomen hold the immigration school?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder to attend classes, there are fewer opportunities to find work experience and complications assessing achievements have created difficulties for students in circumstances completely outside of their control. We want to do what we can to help.

When you come to apply for jobs, your CV will be judged on your qualifications and wider experience. The more you can demonstrate intellectual curiosity and an interest in learning outside of school, the better. Experience of working and other extra-curricular activities are important too. Once you are in an interview your CV needs to help you showcase why you are the best fit for the job and your answers need to help you stand out.

How could the immigration school help?

You will be able to list your participation on your CV, an interesting line that an assessor could pick up on. At interview you may be able to talk about how you found out about the scheme and what you learned. There will be plenty of learning to help you answer those questions well. Participants will hear about:

  • A career in law, in particular immigration law – what happens day to day, who can you help, what can you learn and what do employers look for when they recruit. Legal careers aren’t just about law of course, and we will also talk about the importance of product development, marketing, the media, leadership and helping vulnerable groups.
  • The business of immigration law – what is an immigration law firm trying to do, what roles are there within it, what skills do they need. We will look at client care and a responsible business strategy as well as other roles within a law firm.
  • The politics of immigration – how does public opinion drive policy and how can policy drive public opinion. We will approach this in three ways: MPs from four different parties will talk about how immigration is approached in Parliament; three national journalists will then scrutinise and report on the law and government; three well established Home Office civil servants will talk about how they develop and execute policies for the government of the day.
  • Human rights and the immigration system – experts from barristers chambers and charities will talk about why people seek refuge in the UK and how the immigration system works when they get here.
  • Immigration, the economy and Brexit – a high profile academic will explain the economics of immigration, and how Boris Johnston’s Australian Points Based System could variously help or hinder economic growth in the UK.
  • Getting a job in law – this will be a theme throughout the school and will not be limited to careers in law. All of our speakers will be asked how they secured a job whether as a solicitor, barrister, MP, journalist, civil servant, journalist, academic or charity leader.

Who should get involved?

A-Levels, Highers (or equivalent) and University students who are interested in immigration law, politics or policy.

It is such a big and complex subject. Governments need to develop policies that help vulnerable people and the economy while making sure that other public interests are protected. Campaigning groups need to push for those laws to work for groups of often vulnerable people. Lawyers are there to help individuals (or in some cases everyone). All of this needs to be reported in an accurate and fair way by journalists.

If this all sounds interesting you will enjoy the immigration school. We expect to have speakers from government, civil society, the legal sector and the media.

You need not be looking for a career in law, but we will spend a little time talking about what is involved in becoming a solicitor, barrister or to otherwise work in a law firm.

Who can get involved

We are holding the immigration school because we want to help students who have been studying towards A-Levels - or equivalent or those studying at university. The content may be too advanced for younger students but we are looking at a number of events and hope there will be other opportunities for people to get involved.

How will it work?

The school will run over five consecutive Tuesday evenings between 12 October 2021 and 9 November 2021. Once you have registered, we will send over the school schedule and log in details. You will be able to join online, listening to expert and interesting people talking about immigration law, policy and politics in the UK.

How can you register?

If you are interested in taking part then please use the ‘Apply for a Job’ button on this page to register and provide your details.

The deadline for applying is 28th September 2021. Full joining instructions will be sent to selected participants before the end of September.


By submitting your application, you consent to Fragomen retaining your CV and associated details for a period of up to 12 months to allow us to assess your eligibility for the evening immigration school and any subsequent mentorship scheme offered. Your details will be hosted by Fragomen in the US and shared with Fragomen offices globally which administer and manage the HR and Talent Acquisition functions. Fragomen safeguards personal data within the Fragomen group of companies through the use of European Commission approved standard contractual data protection clauses. You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time by sending an email stating this request to immigrationschool@fragomen.comIf you choose to withdraw your consent your ability to be considered for this respective opportunity will remain unaffected and your data will be deleted within 3 months.

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