The business landscape in the EU is changing. Companies are expanding across borders, labour markets are becoming more integrated and there is more demand than ever for your people to travel and work across different EU member states. 

Unfortunately, with the movement of your workforce comes the financial expense and administrative burden associated with global mobility. With so many moving pieces, from EU legislation through to the various and contrasting implementations across member states, you need an innovative partner to consider the big picture and work with you to develop a more streamlined and efficient mobility strategy tailored to your business.

How we can help
Fragomen takes an integrated approach to the migration of your professionals throughout Europe and we are deeply integral to the movement of people across borders and the laws that govern it.
We can partner with you as your one-stop-shop for business planning and strategies that span the whole mobility landscape in Europe. We’re also the only adviser that has a strategic input into the development of EU legislation and its implementation in member states – so your mobility programme can not only be swiftly reactive to change, but also proactively effect change in migration laws across the EU. 
By considering your mobility in Europe as a whole with Fragomen, you will benefit from:
  • Immigration flexibility
  • Cost and time efficiencies
  • Business and short term travel compliance
  • Administrative simplification
  • Legal certainty and risk mitigation
  • Strategies to meet your business goals in Europe