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Jun 28 2019

Increased Scrutiny of Immigration Documents for Foreign Nationals Traveling to and Within Mexico


At a Glance

  • Foreign nationals traveling to or within Mexico, by air or by land, especially at the northern and southern borders, are subject to increased scrutiny of their immigration documents.
  • Foreign nationals entering Mexico or traveling domestically within Mexico should ensure their immigration documents are complete and accurate.

The situation

Foreign nationals entering and traveling within Mexico are now subject to increased scrutiny of their immigration documents as part of the government’s effort to improve the control of irregular migration into the country.

A closer look

During the past week, the Mexican government has implemented additional immigration checkpoints throughout Mexico, including at several bus stations. The government has deployed armed forces (Guardia Nacional) personnel to Mexico’s northern and southern border for stricter immigration checks for foreign nationals entering and exiting the country. The officers may request evidence of legal status in the country even for those traveling domestically in Mexico, by air or by land.


Foreign nationals entering Mexico or traveling domestically within Mexico should ensure their immigration documents are complete and accurate and should ensure they carry the below documentation based on their immigration status in Mexico:

  • Residence permit holders. A valid passport and valid Resident Identity Card. 
  • Residence permit holders with pending immigration applications.  Those with pending  renewals, post-arrival registrations, transformations to permanent residence and identity card replacements should carry a valid passport and valid exit permit when traveling internationally, or a valid passport and copy of the immigration application filing receipt (NUT) when traveling domestically in Mexico.
  • Visitors. A valid passport and the FMM (multiple immigration) form received at the port of entry. Visa nationals must also have the appropriate visa to enter Mexico. Foreign nationals entering Mexico as visitors may be required to provide their round-trip ticket, proof of accommodation and proof of financial means during their stay in Mexico.  

Affected travelers should also allow sufficient time for passport and immigration document checks when traveling to and within Mexico.


The history of Mexico’s enforcement of immigration rules on its borders is depicted below:

Looking ahead

Additional immigration restrictions, changes and delays can be expected, at least in the next one or two months, as the Mexican government shifts its policies toward controlling irregular migration to fulfill its agreement with the United States to improve border control efforts.

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