Aug 25 2016

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Suspends the Issuance of All Visas Until Further Notice

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has suspended the issuance of all visas, due to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs decree that was issued shortly after the appointment of a new Minister.  Business and work visas will not be issued by Dominican consulates abroad until the Ministry lifts the suspension – the timing of which is unknown. The suspension applies to both new and pending visa applications.

A visa is required for anyone seeking to enter Dominican Republic for business or work.

The suspension, however, does not impact tourists who are eligible to obtain a Tourist Card upon arrival based on their citizenship. The suspension also does not impact new and renewal residence permit applications or any other application filed in-country with the General Directorate of Immigration.  

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Anyone with immediate plans to travel to Dominican Republic for business or work and who does not already hold a visa for their trip will likely need to postpone their plans until the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides further information.

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