Virginia, US

February 21, 2018

BNA Corporate Immigration Enforcement: Risks for Employers – A Two Part Series: Part I

The Trump administration has had a significant impact on immigration. Companies and employees are finding themselves in the government’s crosshairs due to the increased immigration-related enforcement at the worksite and borders. Worksite inspections and audits have increased over the past year and are expected to increase in 2018. In order to minimize the risk of a government investigation, employers must understand the risks they face due to the increased scrutiny and the best way to adopt a comprehensive immigration compliance plan.

In this webinar, Part One of the series, Manatt and Fragomen attorneys will provide insight into the priorities of the government agencies and their impact upon companies and their employees. They will also discuss the rights and obligations of foreign national travelers at the border and special concerns involving the privacy of electronic devices.

In Part Two of the series, scheduled for March 7, 2018 at 1:00 PM ET , Manatt and Fragomen attorneys will provide an overview of the types of civil, administrative, and criminal issues that companies may face, potential enforcement scenarios, and steps to avoid being caught in the crosshairs.

Educational Objectives:
• Gain insight into the Department of Homeland Security’s priorities;
• Examine the admissions process for foreign national travelers and their rights and obligations;
• Discuss border searches and seizures and the special concerns involving privacy and electronic devices.