February 25, 2021

Canada’s Push for Permanent Residents in 2021: What Has Been Done and What to Expect

Late last year, the Canadian government set ambitious immigration targets for 2021-2023 to make up for COVID-19-related shortfalls in 2020. Achieving the targets has been complicated by the continuing effects of the pandemic. 

On February 13, in what appears to be the start of a campaign to meet the 2021 immigration target, the government invited over 27,000 applicants, presumed to be residing in Canada with the appropriate work experience, to apply for permanent residence. This is a move without precedent since the introduction of the Express Entry system.

Please join David Crawford, Cosmina Morariu and Rick Lamanna as they discuss what this latest decision by the government means to your business and your employees, and what you can do to benefit from the government’s push to meet its immigration targets.


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