Connecticut, US

June 11, 2020

Fragomen and the Migration Advisory Committee Webcast: The UK Shortage Occupation List

The Shortage Occupation List (SOL) will be a very important tool in the new UK immigration system. Workers filling vacancies listed on the SOL will face less stringent salary requirements, lower visa fees and - crucially - will not need to leave the UK after six years where they are not paid upwards of £35,800.

UK Home Secretary has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), her independent advisors, to review the SOL and add skilled jobs below degree level. They will collect evidence from employers and assess whether particular roles are skilled, in shortage and can sensibly be filled by foreign workers.

We have asked the MAC to speak to clients about the list, how you can helpfully submit evidence and how to demonstrate that any particular job is worthy of inclusion.

Our webinar will be useful for employers who struggle to find British workers to fill skilled roles and are concerned that an end of free movement, set for 1 January 2021, could exacerbate those challenges.

Securing a place on the shortage occupation list is necessarily difficult, but properly submitted evidence can make a tangible difference to how you recruit and how you retain your workers.

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