June 13, 2019

Fragomen - Japanese Breakfast Briefing: Business Visitor vs Work authorisation Points to consider when assessing whether or not a work authorisation is required

Fragomen LLP - London Office
95 Gresham Street
London, EC2V 7NA
United Kingdom
*Sessions will be held in Japanese only.

There may be various instances where your employees based overseas are required to
come to the UK for a short period of time : to receive training, learn English language,
to install and provide maintenance on foreign manufactured products, advise and consult
UK colleagues, and to cover colleagues who are off sick or on maternity leave etc.

It is crucial to determine as to whether or not a work authorisation is required beforehand
in each scenario, and it is also important to understand the impact that such short term
travellers will have on the status of Tier 2 sponsors from a compliance perspective.

We will discuss the topic in detail, using a number of different case studies including
where family members re-enter the UK as a visitor, following termination of the UK assignment of
a Tier 2 migrant.