Connecticut, US

June 19, 2019

REC: Navigating Brexit Workshop - North

United Kingdom

Join Fragomen professional Laurence Keir-Thomas as he presents at the REC's Navigating Brexit workshop. The 'Preparing for Brexit' workshop will cover the following areas and answer the following questions: 

  • What are the possible Brexit scenarios and how might each one impact on hiring activities, client needs and on my own business?

  • What can I do to mitigate risk and prepare for different eventualities?
  • Taking stock of latest national, regional and sectoral jobs data and market trends: How can I interpret and relay this information to clients and internal staff?
  • How are recruiters innovating to address staff shortages and using Brexit-related workforce challenges to build a more strategic rapport with clients?
  • How can recruiters inform and reassure EU workers about settled status and what is the outlook for post-Brexit immigration and skills strategy?
  • What sectors and job roles are most likely to be disrupted over the coming months?
  • What overseas markets and/or other sectors could provide new opportunities?
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