Connecticut, US

April 30, 2019

REC: Navigating Brexit Workshop - Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

Join Fragomen professional Kelly Hardman as she presents at the REC's Navigating Brexit workshop. The 'Preparing for Brexit' workshop will cover the following areas and answer the following questions: 

  • What are the possible Brexit scenarios and how might each one impact on hiring activities, client needs and on my own business?

  • What can I do to mitigate risk and prepare for different eventualities?
  • Taking stock of latest national, regional and sectoral jobs data and market trends: How can I interpret and relay this information to clients and internal staff?
  • How are recruiters innovating to address staff shortages and using Brexit-related workforce challenges to build a more strategic rapport with clients?
  • How can recruiters inform and reassure EU workers about settled status and what is the outlook for post-Brexit immigration and skills strategy?
  • What sectors and job roles are most likely to be disrupted over the coming months?
  • What overseas markets and/or other sectors could provide new opportunities?
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