Virginia, US

February 09, 2018

Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s 18th Annual Women and the Law Conference

Thomas Jefferson School of Law
1155 Island Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
Fragomen is a proud sponsor of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s 18th Annual Women and the Law Conference. This conference brings together leading professionals and practitioners to focus exclusively on issues related to gender and the law to address the issue of women at the bargaining table. How does gender affect the way we approach and manage negotiations in a variety of settings?

Explorations into the enduring wage gap between men and women prompt us to examine this important topic. Despite advances, women on average continue to earn roughly 80 cents for each male dollar earned. In 1960, women earned approximately 64 cents for each male dollar and it's estimated that the gap will likely not close for at least another 40 years...longer for Hispanic or African American women. What accounts for this gap? Is it explicit sexism, implicit bias, male and female divergent life choices?

Negotiation professionals maintain that women’s antipathy to negotiation and risk-taking provides a partial explanation. This year’s topic explores women and decision-making, with particular attention paid to the art and science of bargaining for advantage.