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Whether your company is sending employees to Myanmar or expanding outside of Myanmar to destinations around the world—Fragomen is here to help. Our experienced immigration professionals partner with you to develop immigration strategies that help you meet inbound immigration needs and manage your regional or global immigration program.

Myanmar's law provides many solutions to help employers of foreign nationals. Requirements, processing times, employment eligibility, and benefits for accompanying family members vary by visa classification.

Business visitors must obtain a Business Visa. Under the current immigration environment, business visitors to Myanmar (including those who obtain a Business Visa prior to entering the country and those who obtain a Visa on Arrival) may perform a wide variety of activities, including those that would normally be considered work activities in other countries.

Foreign nationals can use a Business Visa, along with a Stay Permit and Multiple Re-Entry Permit, to work in Myanmar up to 70 days per stay, with the availability of three, six or twelve-month extensions.

Note that Myanmar’s immigration laws are currently in flux and are developing, and are not fully consistent across the board.

Detailed Immigration Snapshots, Document Lists and Process Guides are available to clients on request.