Rómulo, Of Counsel, represents large, global corporate clients in all areas of U.S. business immigration law. He regularly counsels clients regarding temporary work visas and permanent residence sponsorship and also analyses the immigration consequences of mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining Fragomen in 2008, Rómulo was an Associate with Littler Global. Previously, dating back to 1997, he practiced immigration law in New York City.

Rómulo provided immigration representation to challenge a finding of abandonment of permanent residence where age and language barrier became the catalyst that resulted in a coerced submission of Form I-407 at a U.S. Consular post.

Rómulo speaks English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of French and Italian.


Hofstra University School of Law | J.D., 1996
Long Island University | B.A., 1993

Professional Accomplishments / Memberships

Bar Admissions: New Jersey


Member, Board of Publications, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Member, Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations (PCFR)

Member, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce

Member, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Phoenix)

Officer, National Steering Committee of AILA's New Members Division, formerly known as the Young Lawyer's Division

Chair, Distance Learning Committee for Webinars/ Teleconferences, American Immigration Lawyers Association

Member, AILA Fundamentals Conference Committee

Created an immigration budgetary system for a multinational client and assisted in drafting changes to their immigration policies, requiring budget-impact analysis

Analyzed a large, corporate divestiture from an immigration standpoint, as well as financial impact down to quarterly costs, to assist the client in planning the transaction while maintaining budgetary limitations

Prepared visa analysis and strategy for a large, global client involved in a billion-dollar contract with emerging markets for the purpose of bringing key foreign national professionals in a U.S. interface at the completion of the contract.

Represents pro bono clients at a Family Detention Center in Texas who seek asylum protection and who are detained. 

Publications and Lectures

Editor, “Business Immigration from a New Perspective,” – 2007 AILA Alaskan Cruise Conference Handbook (AILA 2007).

Editor, “Understanding Immigration Policy - Practicing It Effectively,” 2006 AILA Fall CLE Conference Handbook, with Ted J. Chiappari (AILA September 2006).

Associate Editor, AILA's Immigration Practice Toolbox, 2d. ed. (AILA January 2006).

Associate Editor, 8th Annual AILA New York Chapter Immigration Law Symposium Handbook (AILA December 2005).

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Rómulo regularly speaks at AILA events, including annual conferences, regional fundamental, and advanced conferences. He also is a frequent speaker at ILW.com seminars.