As a law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of immigration law, Fragomen has represented a broad range of companies, organizations and emerging businesses, including a large portion of the Fortune 500, for over sixty years. Fragomen has maintained a specialized I-9 Practice Group for nearly twenty years - since the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) in 1986.
Covering all facets of I-9 compliance

Fragomen partners have conducted some of the largest employer sanction investigations involving both criminal and civil penalties, and our firm defended one of the first employer sanctions cases to go to court. We have conducted internal audits, established proper I-9 procedures, trained human resources professionals on I-9 compliance, and protected our clients’ interests in government investigations, such as OFCCP audits.  In addition, we continuously work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement by providing feedback on I-9 form revisions, electronic signature and storage, and related corporate compliance issues. 

Fragomen’s I-9 services business model leverages our legal knowledge with sophisticated automation and is designed to make sure that our clients completely and accurately process their I-9s, and that they are well protected from the significant liabilities that lurk behind an otherwise administrative process.  The opportunity and flexibility offered by the Fragomen I-9 Service Center is unique, in that clients can choose to work independently with our technology, or take full advantage of the robust legal services and representation that are the foundation of our solution, or something else in between.

The opportunity and flexibility offered by the Fragomen I-9 Service Center is unique...
We have found that many clients choose to implement a full service I-9 compliance solution that is focused on minimizing compliance risks, not just facilitating efficient processes.  Our full-service approach includes providing a dedicated account representative for the account who acts as a key point of contact for all inquiries, implementation plan roll out, and for transition to the I-9 Service Center.  In addition, a team of I-9 Help Desk professionals are available to provide legal assistance at every stage of the I-9 completion process, including identifying and addressing the nuances and complexities that invariably arise, particularly during the document verification stage.  These individuals also assist users in working with the online application and resolving technical issues, should they arise.

By choosing to work with Fragomen, our clients have the leading I-9 legal professionals at their back to make sure that its I-9 program is not only efficient, but that their exposure to any potential liability is minimal.  Unlike other I-9 service providers, Fragomen’s I-9 services are built upon on a strong legal foundation.  In fact, Fragomen is the only U.S. immigration law firm offering a full-service I-9 solution structured around a proprietary web-based technology.