Virginia, US

Oct 13 2017

Border Controls Extended Until May 2018


Executive Summary

Due to extended controls on the Austrian border and a new border control on flights arriving from Greece, foreign nationals should expect delays upon entry through these routes and should travel with the appropriate travel documentation.

The situation

Border controls extended and expanded.

A closer look

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior has extended existing border controls on the Austrian land border, and introduced a new border control on flights arriving from Greece, until May 11, 2018.


The border controls on the Austrian border were introduced in October 2015 during the refugee crisis. The land border control was extended and new border control was introduced in response to continued perceived insufficiency of external border controls, continued migrant streams in the Schengen Area and a latent terror threat.

Consequences for foreign nationals

Foreign nationals can expect delays when entering Germany via the Austrian border or flights from Greece.

Foreign nationals traveling throughout the Schengen Area should continue to carry their passports and immigration documents at all times. EU and German nationals can travel within the European Union using solely their identification card.

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