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Set against the backdrop of the Andes mountains, Santiago has been the capital city and business hub of Chile since colonial times. Steeped in a rich culture of art-deco styles and neoclassical architecture, the city has outstanding historic beauty and local charm. Due to Chile’s economic growth over recent decades, Santiago has become one of Latin America’s most modern cities and home to the regional headquarters of many multinational corporations. With this growth, Chile has gone from being a country of people that emigrate to other countries, to one that is regularly receiving immigrants from all over world.
Chile's renowned stability in the region has attracted businesses from a range of industries including mining, fishing, agriculture, wine and tourism. More and more professionals are also coming to Chile in search of job opportunities. According to official projections, the number of immigrants to Chile is likely to double over the next eight years. With this, will come the challenge for Chile to build a robust regulatory framework to meet with demand.
Professionals at Fragomen’s affiliate in Chile provide experienced immigration support to help individuals and businesses to navigate immigration processes. Fragomen’s affiliate* in Santiago provides assistance with citizenship and residency options, work permits, visas and support for spouses and dependents. For businesses, we can also build and manage your immigration programme and keep you up-to-date with changes in immigration policy.
Our team in Santiago is passionate about immigration, solutions-focused and committed to continually improving the experience of our clients. Their local knowledge and accessibility means they are best placed to provide efficient services and full support for all your immigration needs.
Fragomen in Chile is Servicios Migratorios Chile Ltda.
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