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Today's world moves beyond borders.

Immigration is not just one of many practices within our firm—it is our sole focus and it shows. From our offices around the globe, we help businesses and individuals with the full range of immigration matters, and develop immigration strategies that achieve their goals.  

Our Culture & Values

Our people are as intelligent and driven as they are passionate and caring. We have fostered a fast-paced, dynamic and forward-thinking environment, and we employ talented professionals who share collective pride and enthusiasm for what they do.
As a firm, we believe in the importance of extending our reach beyond the office, and we encourage our employees to be active contributors to their local communities.
Our Mission 
We strive to be an integral part of our clients’ success by providing representation, services and strategic advice to facilitate the hiring and movement of skilled talent globally.
Our Diversity
Throughout Fragomen, we have cultivated an employee population that is as richly diverse as are our clients—and the countries that they are coming from and going to. By embracing our differences, our employees enjoy a vibrant, creative work environment and gain insight into other cultures and life experiences. Our employees’ diversity gives us a heightened understanding of our clients’ needs which manifests in our effective immigration solutions. 
Fragomen has a long history of promoting women and ethnic minorities to prominent positions within the firm's leadership, as illustrated by The American Lawyer (ALM Media Properties, LLC) ranking our U.S. practice as one of the top five law firms for ethnic diversity since 2012. In 2015, Law360 (Portfolio Media, Inc.) ranked Fragomen second amongst the top 100 firms for female attorneys in the U.S. based on the percentage of attorneys and partners that are women, and third among the best law firms for female partners. Law360 also ranked Fragomen second amongst the top 100 firms for minority attorneys, based on the firm’s minority representation at the partner level, non-partner levels, and total number of minority attorneys (2015). Women and minority partners have long played a critical role on the firm's Executive Committee, and serve in leadership roles on various firm committees and in local offices.  
Our commitment to fostering a dynamic, diverse workplace is reflected in our employee population.  For example, in the U.S., more than seventy-five percent of our employees are women and twenty-five percent are minorities—statistics which are unusual for law firms.
Our Values

 Consistently maintain the highest ethnical standards worldwide.

 Be curious, well-informed, and thoroughly knowledgeable.

 Understand each client’s mission and objectives.

 Drive innovation and change.

 Respect colleagues.  Embrace diversity.  Empower others.

 Give back.