Dec 07 2017

Deadline Extended and Noncompliance Penalties Amended for Multi-Entry-Exit Visa Formalities


Executive Summary

Effective immediately, foreign nationals who obtain an employment entry visa upon arrival based on an approved Letter of Invitation in Iraq on or after November 27, 2017 are subject to the below changes:

  • They now have 15 business days after arrival to complete immigration formalities and obtain a multi-entry-exit visa; and
  • They are subject to a revised penalty schedule if they do not complete this formality within 15 business days.

The situation

Foreign nationals who obtain an employment entry visa upon arrival in Iraq on or after November 27, 2017 must complete their post-arrival immigration formalities within 15 business days of arrival, instead of seven calendar days, as was previously required.

  • Formality details. Foreign nationals who enter in the above manner must undergo a blood test and obtain a multi-entry-exit visa. Both procedures are typically completed in Iraq.
  • Amended penalties for noncompliance. Affected foreign nationals who do not complete these procedures within the 15-day deadline must pay a fine of IQD 100,000, in addition to IQD 10,000 fee for each day of delay, capped at IQD 5,000,000.
    • Former fee. Prior to this change, the fine was a flat IQD 500,000 per person.
  • Impact. Affected foreign nationals should benefit from a longer timeframe to complete their immigration formalities, but may still be subject to a fine if they fail to do so by the statutory deadline.



Foreign nationals seeking employment in Iraq must obtain an employment entry visa sponsored by an employer in Iraq.

Depending on the sponsoring entity’s business set up and contracts, foreign nationals may obtain their entry and multi-entry-exit visas at an Iraqi consular post abroad. These individuals are not affected by this change.

Those who cannot avail of the consular process are required to obtain an entry visa upon arrival in Iraq (based on an approved Letter of Invitation). Once these processes are completed, a multi-entry-exit visa is endorsed in their passport.

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