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Aug 07 2014

Foreign Nationals Require Valid Work Permit in Addition to Visa and Employment Card


All foreign nationals working in Cambodia are required to possess a valid work permit, in addition to a Category E visa and an employment card. Though the work permit requirement is not new, it is now being strictly enforced by labor and immigration authorities, with a strong commitment from the Ministry of Interior’s new General Department of Immigration. 

Ministry officials are likely to conduct worksite inspections to check that all foreign workers are adhering to immigration and labor rules. These inspections will involve a complete review of the employer’s manpower declaration and its approved foreign labor quota, as well as inspection of personnel work authorization documentation. It is expected that foreign nationals will be interviewed during the checks. 

Employers found in violation are subject to financial penalties or imprisonment. 

What This Means for Employers 

Employers should continue to ensure that they obtain work permits for their foreign employees and maintain accurate records regarding terms of employment and immigration compliance. 

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