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Feb 22 2018

Indian Business Persons Eligible for Longer Stays and More Visits Under One B-2 Visa


At a Glance

Effective immediately, Indian Business Persons, as defined by Israeli law, are eligible for a multiple-entry B-2 visa that is valid for up to five years and allows stays up to 90 days, subject to consular discretion. This is an improvement from their previous eligibility for a B-2 visa that allowed one trip, usually for up to 30 days.

The situation

Per a new Israeli regulation, Indian Business Persons, as defined by Israeli law, are now eligible for a B-2 business visa that allows longer stays and more visits under one visa.

A closer look

  • Eligibility. The regulation applies to Indian Business Persons, which the Israeli law defines as those whose sponsoring company is active and duly registered in the Indian Company Registrar for at least six months prior to filing the B-2 business visa application. Notably, this does not apply to all Indian business travelers.
  • Benefits of visa. Eligible Indian Business Persons will see the following benefits:
    • Multiple entries into Israel over five years (previously, the visa only allowed one visit under each B-2 visa); and
    • Stays in Israel up to 90 days per stay (previously, the visa normally allowed stays up to 30 days).
  • Permissible business activities. Indian Business Persons may participate in activities such as (but not limited to) business meetings, engaging in negotiations, investing in Israel, buying or selling Israeli companies, participating in conferences and conducting market research.
  • Productive work excluded. Productive work is not allowed under the B-2 business visa. Productive work includes but is not limited to supplying products, providing services (including manpower), and generally, any work or service performed as the company’s permanent representative in Israel.
  • Process. Indian Business Persons can apply for the B-2 business visa at an Israeli consulate at the discretion of that consulate. Consular officers will consider factors such as the Indian national’s prior stays in Israel, the type of business activity to be conducted, and the company’s international presence and overall reputation.
  • Israeli consulates in India. The Israeli consulates in India that can process this visa are located in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.


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