Jun 19 2019

New Application Restrictions on Ministry of Manpower Portal


At a Glance

  • Employers in Oman are experiencing issues submitting work authorization applications on the Ministry of Manpower’s online portal. Currently, only individuals listed in the company registration documents have access to the electronic portal whereas previously, other company representatives could access the portal and submit application forms.
  • Employers should confirm which of their employees can access the portal and should prepare all necessary documents in advance to avoid potential fines arising from missed deadlines. Employers can also request the Ministry of Manpower to grant portal access to other individuals.

The situation

Oman’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has restricted who can access and use the labor application online portal, creating application submission issues for some employers.

A closer look

Currently, only individuals listed in the company registration documents have access to the portal. Previously, other company representatives, including Government Relations Officers, could access the portal and submit application forms; the forms could also be generated at government-accredited service centers.


As a result of restricted access to the MOM portal, some employers are having trouble submitting timely applications.

Employers should confirm the individuals listed on their company registration documents to ensure they are using the right person to submit labor-related applications; alternatively, employers may request the MOM to grant portal access to other individuals. Additionally, employers should leave extra time to file applications in order to avoid potential fines that may arise from missing MOM filing deadlines.


  • Portal details. Employers in Oman have used the MOM portal since its introduction in 2016 to file labor-related applications, including initial and renewal applications for work authorization and employment termination.
  • Online portal efficiencies. The online system has generally been well-received by employers in the country as it has streamlined application processes and allows for tracking applications.
  • Global use of online application systems. Many countries are implementing digitized immigration systems to streamline processes and attract foreign talent.



Looking ahead

Portal access restrictions have created issues especially for employers who rely on government-accredited service centres for typing and filing work authorization applications. It is not clear when the MOM will ease the restrictions, if at all.

Similar restrictions are expected to be implemented in the coming months on the Royal Oman Police’s electronic portal, which is used by foreign nationals and employers to file immigration applications, including express visas and residence permit applications.

Fragomen will report on the resolution of the MOM portal issues, and the projected Royal Oman Police portal issues, if they occur.

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