Connecticut, US

Mar 04 2019

Streamlined In-country Registrations


The situation

Norwegian authorities recently streamlined the in-country registration process for non-EU nationals, replacing two in-person visits with an automated online process. The registration process for EU nationals remains unchanged.

A closer look

Non-EU nationals now benefit from the following online in-country registration processes:

  • Identification number issuance. Under the new process, once the applicant attends a registration appointment with local police, the police will forward the applicant’s information to the tax authorities, who will issue the appropriate local identification number. Previously, local registration required a separate personal visit to the tax authorities and/or National Registry. As before, the police will send a residence card to the applicant’s registered address within approximately two weeks of registration.
  • Online tax registration. Once issued, applicants can use their identification number to access the tax authorities’ website to apply for a local tax card online. Previously, this application required a personal visit.
  • Online address change notification. Applicants can now change their address on the national registry website. Previously, this required a visit to the Foreign Service Center.



  • Reduced delays. Appointment delays during peak application times should be reduced by largely moving the process online.
  • Transitional issues. Although applicants should benefit from the streamlined online processes, Fragomen expects some delays and issues during the transition phase.
  • Tax card delay. If tax card processing times remain unchanged, the new process could delay tax card issuance, due to the additional time it takes to obtain an identification number. Affected applicants should check the tax and payroll impact of a potential tax card delay with their human resources contact.



The government is seeking to reduce the workload of local authorities by digitizing much of the local registration process.

Looking ahead

  • Further steps for Norway. Fragomen expects further steps automating the immigration process for both EU and non-EU applicants in Norway if the current changes prove successful. Fragomen will report on relevant developments.
  • Online registration in Europe. Online registration is still exceptional in Europe, with most countries requiring multiple personal visits to various authorities during the in-country registration process, since applicants must submit fingerprints or original documents; or for security reasons, e.g. to prevent identity fraud. Exceptionally, France recently moved the visa validation process online, for eligible visa holders staying between three and 12 months.


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