Virginia, US

Jun 07 2018

Vaccination Certificate Required for All Residence Applications


The situation

Effective immediately, foreign nationals must provide a vaccination certificate when applying for any type of Temporary or Permanent Residence visa at a Uruguayan consulate in their country of permanent residence or in Uruguay. Evidence of vaccination was not required in the past.

A closer look

The vaccination certificate must comply with the Ministry of Health, the requirements of which depend on the foreign national’s age. Notably, this may include the Measles and Tetanus vaccinations.


Foreign nationals who can provide a written medical exemption to one or more vaccines may be exempt from this requirement if they can provide an exemption certification from a local Uruguayan vaccination center with their visa application.


Foreign nationals should review their vaccination records prior to traveling to Uruguay and should follow one of the below steps to comply with the new rule:

  • Obtain any missing vaccinations before traveling at their own health provider;
  • Obtain any missing vaccinations for free upon arrival in Uruguay at a vaccination center; or
  • For those voluntarily opting out of vaccinations, obtain a medical exemption certificate, or face residence visa restrictions.


Foreign nationals who fail to comply with this rule may face travel delays and/or restrictions, at the discretion of the immigration officials in Uruguay.

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