Virginia, US

Fragomen Fellow Barbara Camacho Helps Win Release of Father from Immigration Detention

Barbara Camacho, the Fragomen Fellow at the New York City Bar Justice Center, has helped earn the release of a father after one and a half years of detention, reuniting him with his adolescent son. Barbara worked alongside a pro bono attorney, and together they assisted the man and his family in developing his case. Following his hearing, the father walked out of the courtroom a free man.
Seven years ago, Fragomen created the Fragomen Fellowship at the City Bar Justice Center as an innovative pro bono effort to increase outreach to and representation of immigrants in dire need of high quality free legal services. The Fragomen Fellowship has been a huge success in improving the ability of a wide range of pro bono lawyers to work in the complex and rapidly changing field of immigration law. The Fragomen Fellowship has become a national model for expanding legal services to low-income immigrants by leveraging thousands of hours of pro bono service.