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Sep 27 2017

Residence Reporting Form Requirement Expanded in Mumbai and Enforcement Increased


The situation

The requirement to submit a new form with any immigration application has been expanded to more foreign nationals.

A closer look

Effective immediately, the government has expanded the requirement for foreign nationals to submit a Form C with their immigration applications to those residing in leased apartments and houses. This requirement was already applicable to foreign nationals residing in hotels, serviced apartments and guest houses.

Affected foreign nationals must submit this form to the Foreigners' Regional Registration Office (FRRO) with their in-country immigration applications.

Landlords’ requirements

Landlords leasing premises to foreign nationals in Mumbai must complete the below steps so the foreign national can complete the form submission process accordingly:

  • Use the Bureau of Immigration’s online portal to register on the system; and
  • Report the occupancy of foreign tenants upon arrival by completing the Form C within 24 hours of the foreign national’s arrival on the premises.

Increased enforcement

The MHA has increased its enforcement efforts of the Form C requirement. This is evidenced by this requirement being implemented in more locations and reports of foreign nationals being fined if it discovered that the landlord did not complete the online form within 24 hours of their arrival.


The reporting form was previously introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in multiple regions, including Bangalore, Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon), Jamnagar, and partially in Mumbai.

The reporting forms are intended to assist the MHA in maintaining updated records of foreign nationals and to curb potential overstays.

Implications for employers and foreign nationals

If the landlord fails to complete the form online within 24 hours of the foreign national’s arrival on their premises, the foreign national and/or employer may be fined.

Foreign nationals who do not submit the Form C with their immigration application may face fines or may be subject to questioning by the FRRO when they submit their application.

Fragomen can assist foreign nationals in meeting the new requirements.

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