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The best question I get asked by clients is probably ‘what are other companies doing about this?’ It is a question I’ve been asked a lot since the UK’s EU referendum in June.

Brexit may be very real but it feels rather abstract and the immigration consequences are difficult to prepare for: it is not clear when it will happen; no one knows how the UK will treat EU nationals, whether they are already here or will want to come in future; and it is far too early to say what will happen to British people in the other Member States.

That said, difficult does not mean impossible. Broadly speaking there are two immediate jobs – knowing who your EU workers are (and your British workers in Europe) and making sure you are ready and able to answer questions from your colleagues about immigration. You can also plan for further down the line, as and when it becomes clear whether your existing or prospective EU staff will qualify for work visas.

We have already helped many clients understand what they can do in readiness for Brexit and talked about how other companies are preparing. Next, up we will publish Brexit and Immigration Benchmarking Report containing practical advice on the steps that HR and Global Mobility can take to deal with the short-term uncertainty and be ready for the new policy in the longer term.

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