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Venezuela has traditionally encouraged and opened its doors to immigrants. With descendants from Spain, Portugal and Italy, among others, Caracas is a city where European and Latin cultures unite. The city moves to its own unique rhythm and is Venezuela’s largest urban center of industry, commerce, education and culture.
Rich in oil and strategically located as a geopolitical bridge to the rest of South America and Europe, Venezuela offers many opportunities for foreign investment. However, the country is currently facing economic, political and social issues that have affected how the government and country operates—including creating a complex environment for immigration. Nonetheless, with less competition resulting from the political and economic changes over the last decade, now is an ideal time for companies to invest in the country and take advantage of opportunities for growth.
Fragomen’s affiliate* in Caracas understands the complexities of immigration processes in Venezuela and how to help you navigate them. We provide a wide range of immigration services, solutions and personalized support. This includes assistance with the lengthy and complex document procurement processes in the country. We are local and have a direct presence in the market, which allows us to provide our clients with faster response times, while remaining in compliance with local regulations.
When needed, our team can travel to different cities in Venezuela (other than Caracas) to request issuance of personal certificates (e.g., birth and marriage certificates) at the different registry offices. Many of our competitors are only able to provide services within Caracas.
As part of the greater Fragomen family, we offer robust technology tools for case management and reporting. We are also connected with Fragomen’s vast reach of global offices around the world to help streamline and provide more efficient services for our clients.
As the situation in Venezuela improves, more and more foreign companies will be looking to invest in the country. Our experienced professionals can help you benefit from the opportunities that will define the Venezuelan immigration landscape in the years to come.
Fragomen in Venezuela is Godoy Córdoba C.A.
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