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London is both a cultural centre and first port-of-call for travellers to other European destinations and around the world. With an ethnic and social mix of residents speaking more than 300 different languages, immigration is an integrated function and a way of life for many in the UK’s capital city.
As one of the world’s main financial hubs and a headquarter location for a host of multinational conglomerates and industry leaders, the city’s importance and prosperity attracts businesses from around the world in a vast array of industries of all sizes and scopes. 
Amidst this rich cultural and business environment, Fragomen in London is the crown jewel of the immigration services industry. We take a dynamic and knowledgeable approach to immigration that breaks down complexities to make policies, processes and procedures easy to understand. We have a strong focus on communication and transparency, meeting one-on-one with clients and training global mobility and HR teams on the immigration processes most important to them. We also share our knowledge with clients through webinars and seminar events to explain immigration processes, strategies and trends to client teams worldwide. Professionals at Fragomen in London understand the laws, processes and restrictions within the UK’s complicated system, and can support each and every facet of your business’s immigration programme. 
Our office meets local and regional needs, and has groups that strategically support the broader Fragomen firm worldwide. For example, in London Fragomen has unique teams that support specific groups including high-net-worth individuals and other private clients, and Japanese clients operating within the UK market. We also have teams that strategically support government strategies and consular services for Fragomen’s clients in the EMEA region and elsewhere worldwide. By keeping the lines of communication with governmental bodies open on a national and case-by-case basis, we help keep our clients on the path to success.
All of our London teams and resources are designed to anticipate and respond directly to immigration needs as they emerge in the EMEA region and affect our clients worldwide. In the UK alone, the immigration system is objective, transparent and flexible to the needs of the labour market. While in some ways restrictive and tightly controlled, process changes continue to make immigration friendly for businesses.
With a drive to remain a destination for the best and brightest minds, UK policymakers seem to constantly debate the line between responsible restrictions on immigration and attracting new business to the country. In addition, the UK strongly enforces compliance with immigration rules. This can make doing business hazardous for noncompliant companies, increasing the need to be vigilant and confirm that your company and its employees are following the rules. Professionals at Fragomen in London understand the laws, processes and restrictions within the UK’s complicated system, and can support each and every facet of your business’s immigration programme. 
Fragomen in London also hosts our Regional Coordination Centre (RCC) for Western Europe, which coordinates services with Fragomen’s Local Advisor partners in locations where we do not have an office or in-house practice group. Our RCC professionals assure that our services are top quality, consistent and effective, and that our communications are sensitive to cultural differences.
At Fragomen, we believe that working hard and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Our team is diverse, collaborative, enthusiastic, friendly and fun. Yet, we take our work very seriously and always go the extra mile to help clients, colleagues and, importantly, our community.  From mentoring secondary school students to raising funds for cancer research and legal aid, Fragomen in London works with local and national organisations to support all manner of causes—and is always looking for new opportunities to make a difference. As a law firm, we are also proud to provide pro bono immigration services to indigent individuals and groups.
Fragomen in the United Kingdom is Fragomen LLP. Fragomen LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (the “SRA”) in the United Kingdom. The SRA Standards and Regulations can be found on its website at The Value Added Tax number of Fragomen LLP is: GB 815 394 716. The providers of the compulsory professional indemnity insurance for the UK practice are Marsh Ltd, Tower Place, London EC3R 5BU.
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