Virginia, US

Sep 26 2017

Increased Enforcement of Apostille/Legalization Requirement


The situation

Stricter enforcement by immigration authorities of the apostille or legalization requirement.


Providing apostilled or legalized documents has always been a requirement, but it was previously loosely enforced.

Consequences of increased enforcement

  • For completed cases: No retroactive effect.

  • For cases in progress: Apostille or legalization is strongly advised for cases where an application has been approved but where the permit is not in effect, since police registration is not yet completed.

  • For new cases: Apostille or legalization is highly advised.

When documents should be apostilled/legalized

If possible, foreign nationals should provide apostilled or legalized documents when they file their application with the police in Norway. If this is not possible, foreign nationals are advised to file their application with a clarification that the documents are in the process of being apostilled or legalized and that that original apostilles/legalizations will be presented at the police registration stage.

Fragomen can assist with the legalization/apostille process.

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