Virginia, US

Jul 17 2018

Residence Permit Validity Extended for Personal Sponsorship Applicants


The situation

The Ministry of Interior has issued a decision extending the validity of residence permits obtained under personal sponsorship in Bahrain for up to five or ten years, depending on the foreign national’s circumstances.


Foreign nationals in Bahrain can obtain a residence permit through personal sponsorship under the following circumstances:

  • If the foreign national has worked in private or government sector in Bahrain or in another Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country for at least 15 years; or
  • If a foreign national owns real estate in Bahrain with a minimum value of BHD 50,000; or
  • If a foreign national invests in a business in one of the approved sectors in Bahrain, with a minimum share of BHD 100,000.



Foreign nationals eligible for residence permits through personal sponsorship will benefit from longer residence permit validity, reducing the need for renewal applications, which involve additional administrative steps and costs.

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