Connecticut, US

Mar 30 2018

Significant Reduction in Government Fees Forthcoming


The situation

The Dutch government will significantly reduce the government fees for a number of immigration applications.


The reduction in fees is possible because of a new calculation of administrative costs for specific application categories, as the government confirmed to the Dutch parliament on March 29.

This reduction should address the European Commission’s concerns about excessive and disproportionate fees in the Netherlands, raised in a formal letter of notice sent to the Netherlands in December 2017.

Government filing fees decreases

Effective May 3, 2018, government filing fees will decrease for the following application procedures as follows:

Immigration category

Fee amount

Knowledge migrants and EU Intracompany Transferees applications

EUR 582 (down from EUR 938)

Blue Card applications

EUR 661 (down from EUR 909)

Renewal of permit 

EUR 355 (down from EUR 401)

Registration as a recognized sponsor

EUR 3,861 (down from EUR 5,345)

Registration as a recognized sponsor for companies with 50 or fewer employees worldwide

EUR 1,930 (down from EUR 2,672)

Self-employed permit

EUR 1,325 (down from EUR 1,336)

Search year permit

EUR 285 (down from EUR 641)

New residence permit card (loss or theft)

EUR 132 (down from EUR 267)

Fees have also been reduced for trainee and apprentice applications, seasonal workers, exchange program applications and students.

Impact for employers

Employers of employees in the affected immigration categories will benefit from reduced costs for sponsoring foreign workers in the Netherlands.

This alert is for informational purposes only. If you have any questions, please contact the global immigration professional with whom you work at Fragomen or send an email to [email protected].