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Apr 18 2017

Streamlined Visa Program for Technology Company Workers Forthcoming



A new Tech Visa expected to be implemented in the next few months will offer 15-business day visa processing for eligible foreign nationals seeking to work for a technology company.


Chile offers several programs for foreign nationals who create new companies, invest in Chile, or bring established companies to Chile, including the Start-Up Chile, InvestChile and ChileTech programs. However, the existing immigration system does not provide a streamlined visa process for these programs’ participants and visa processing under these programs can take several months.

Program Details

The following foreign nationals will be able to switch into the Tech Visa category under the new program:

  • Foreign nationals in Chile under the Start-Up Chile, InvestChile or ChileTech programs (including independent contractors);
  • Owners, partners or investors of new technology companies in Chile under the  InvestChile program (including independent contractors); and
  • Foreign nationals applying as a professional or technician in the areas of science and technology with experience in innovation.

Application Process

The Tech Visa application process will be as follows:

  • The sponsoring entity must inform the immigration authorities at least 10 business days in advance of the foreign national’s arrival;
  • The foreign national enters Chile as a visitor;
  • The foreign national applies for the visa online; and
  • The foreign national will receive an approval within 15 business days.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

The visa should benefit partners, owners and investors of new technology companies in Chile, or professionals in science and technology who enter Chile to work in technology companies, by providing a fast-track visa process.

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