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French Election Update: Macron's party and immigration
| Jo Antoons | Erin Clor

French Election Update: Macron's party and immigration

The legislative elections in France took place on Sunday, 18 June 2017. French President Emmanuel Macron's party La République en marche has obtained the majority with 308 legislative seats. The Democratic Movement (MoDem) gained 42 seats. The diverse left obtained 46 seats, with a significant decrease of seats for the Socialists Party, but an increase in seats for party La France Insoumise. The far right party Le Front National obtained 8 seats, including that of Marine Le Pen. 
What this means: 
With an absolute majority in the National Assembly, we can expect that Emmanuel Macron's agendas will proceed at full speed. There will be significant opposition to the controversial proposed labour reforms at the top of President Macron's agenda. While there should not be a significant impact on the current immigration schemes, it is likely that changes to rules regarding foreign workers, labour inspections and posted workers will be on the table. 
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