Connecticut, US

Mar 04 2019

Chilean Nationals Restricted from Applying for Mercosur Visas


The situation

According to an observed change in practice, Chilean nationals are no longer able to apply for Mercosur visas to Colombia.


  • Applying for alternate visas to Colombia. Chilean nationals seeking to work or reside in Colombia should contact their immigration professional to discuss alternate visa types, such as Migrant Worker visas or visa types based on the activities to be performed in Colombia.
  • Chilean nationals currently on Mercosur visas. Chilean nationals currently holding Mercosur visas to Colombia will still be authorized to live and work in Colombia and will not have their visas canceled.  


In 2016, Chile decided to restrict Colombia nationals from obtaining Mercosur visas to Chile since the country is not a full member of the Mercosur South American trade bloc, but rather an associate member. Due to a change in government which is leading to more restrictive immigration practices, Colombia has now decided to impose reciprocal restrictions on Chilean nationals.

Looking ahead

This restriction is likely to remain in place until Chile allows Colombian nationals to apply for a Mercosur visa in Chile, which is unlikely to occur in the near future.

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