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Oct 26 2016

Intracompany Transferee Rules Implemented



Two new immigration categories have been introduced to streamline the immigration process for intracompany transferees in Hungary. The Intra-Corporate Transferee Permit is a permit issued in another EU Member State that allows third-country nationals to work and reside in Hungary at a company in the same corporate group as in the other EU Member State for up to 90 days. The Long-Term Mobility Permit is a residence permit that allows Intra-Corporate Transferee Permit holders whose assignments are over 90 days to reside in Hungary.

Third-country nationals whose stay exceeds 90 days who do not hold an Intra-Corporate Transferee Permit may still apply for an Intra-Corporate Transferee Permit in Hungary if the following conditions are met:

  • The transferee has been continuously employed in the sending entity or any entity within the corporate group (for at least six to 12 months for managers and experts and at least three to six months for trainees);
  • The host company and company in the other non-EU Member State belong to the same entity or corporate group;
  • The transferee meets the professional and educational requirements for the job;
  • The transferee and sending company sign an employment contract or assignment letter;
  • The transferee earns at least the salary of a local worker in a similar job;
  • The host entity certifies that it has fulfilled the conditions applicable to posted employees working in similar jobs under similar circumstances;
  • The transferee’s duration of stay is longer in Hungary than in the other EU Member State;
  • The transferee provides proof of insurance for his or her stay;
  • The transferee provides proof of sufficient financial resources to cover his or her stay; and
  • The transferee provides proof of accommodation during his or her stay in Hungary.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Employers and foreign nationals should benefit from the new categories as they will facilitate the transfer of qualified foreign workers to Hungary.

Interested applicants should contact their immigration professional for more information.

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