Virginia, US

Mar 29 2018

National Intracompany Transferee Permit to be Retired

Slovak Republic

The situation

Effective May 1, 2018, the national Intracompany Transfer (ICT) permit program will be retired.


  • Current national ICT Permit holders. Foreign nationals under the national ICT permit as of May 1 will be able to remain on this permit for the duration of its validity. However, those who wish to extend their stay will have to apply for a local hire permit (Single Permit). They may also be able to apply for an EU ICT permit.

  • New ICT Permit seekers after May 1. Employers of foreign nationals seeking an ICT permit on or after May 1 should apply for the new EU ICT permit implemented in July 2017, since the Ministry of Interior Affairs will not accept national ICT Permit applications after that date.


A new law released this week, which outlines EU ICT permit details, did not include the national ICT permit as an option for ICTs since it is largely duplicative of the EU ICT permit, introduced in July 2017 in compliance with the EU Directive.


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