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Oct 21 2014

New Biometric Residence Card Requires In-Person Registration

Cyprus has begun implementing a combined work and residence permit for non-EU nationals working for international companies. Permit applicants must be fingerprinted and pay updated fees. 

As part of the permit application, foreign nationals must provide biometric data to the local police within seven days of arrival in Cyprus. Dependents must be registered with and submit biometrics to the Civil Registry and Migration Department within the same time frame. 

Applicants with pending applications must submit a supplemental application and pay an additional fee of €10 before October 25, 2014, as otherwise their applications will be denied. Foreign nationals with existing residence permits are not affected by these new requirements – their permits will remain valid through the stated expiration date. 

The biometric residence permit program comes as a result of a regulation passed by the European Union in 2008 requiring every EU member country to implement a card that meets uniform guidelines. 

What This Means for Employers 

In many EU states, the introduction of combined work and residence permits has resulted in temporary processing delays, and employers can expect the same in Cyprus. However, the introduction of a single permit and application process should eventually streamline the work authorization process for foreign nationals and their employers. 

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