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| Simon Haag

Fragomen at the B20

The Group of Twenty (G20) heads of government meeting in Brisbane this November aims to advance reforms to increase global growth by two percent. 
In the run up to November’s meeting, captains of industry from the world’s most prominent businesses as well as the heads of key international economic organisations met in Sydney in July at the Business 20 (B20) Summit. 
As part of the G20 deliberation process, Fragomen has been involved in formulating policy relating to global mobility aspects of international trade, particularly intra-corporate transfers. 
The B20 delegates participated in a program of panel discussions and plenary sessions divided into five taskforces, including financial growth; human capital; infrastructure and investment; trade; and anti-corruption. 
Fragomen assisted the Human Capital taskforce with the development of recommendations to be presented to the G20 governments in November. We provided information about the intra-corporate transfer process among G20 countries and the steps that can be taken to better facilitate the movement of business people among the G20. 
The key recommendations presented to the G20 by the Human Capital taskforce included: 
  • identifying and removing regulatory barriers; 
  • reducing restrictions on the temporary movement of workers; 
  • reducing the cost and time of visa and work permit processing; and 
  • increasing the level of standardisation and transparency of qualifications recognition. 
The meeting of G20 trade ministers that coincided with the B20 Summit recognised the predominance of trade in services among the top 40 OECD member countries, of which global mobility and labour flexibility is a key component. 
You can read more about Fragomen’s G20 role here. 
We look forward to seeing the results of the G20 deliberations and resolutions in November. 
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