Virginia, US
The Global Talent – Employer Sponsored (GTES) is a new Labour Agreement pathway intended to help businesses fill highly-skilled, innovative and cutting-edge positions that cannot be filled from the domestic labour market.
The GTES was developed to address feedback that the standard TSS program and existing types of Labour Agreements were not flexible and responsive enough for today’s cutting-edge businesses and startups.
There are two streams that comprise the GTES:
Established Business Stream: for accredited sponsors to sponsor highly skilled individuals; and
Startup Stream: for startup businesses in the technology space or STEM fields to sponsor highly skilled individuals.
Can we request a Global Talent – Employer Sponsored Agreement for roles that are classified on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)?
Yes, provided the role is highly skilled, cutting edge or innovative and the has the capacity to pass on skills to Australians or create new jobs for Australians.
What are the government fees for a Global Talent – Employer Sponsored Agreement?
The Department does not charge any fees for the lodgement of a GTES Agreement request. Fragomen professional fees apply if you would like us to assist with this process.
What happens once the Global Talent – Employer Sponsored Agreement is approved?
Once the agreement is approved and executed, the employer can start to sponsor workers for TSS and/or ENS visas and must ensure compliance with the sponsorship obligations. Fragomen can provide more information on the sponsorship obligations if requested.
To learn more about a Labour Agreement or GTES Agreement, please get in touch with Charles Johanes, Practice Leader, Advisory & Compliance, via [email protected].