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Robert Horsley Honored for Outstanding Contribution to Mobility

Robert Horsley Honored for Outstanding Contribution to Mobility

Congratulation to Robert Horsley, Executive Director of Fragomen, for being honored with the 2016 Outstanding Contribution to Mobility award by the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM). The award not only acknowledges Robert’s forward-looking vision and his contributions to the industry and his role on Worldwide ERC’s Executive Board, but also clearly reflects Fragomen’s overall commitment to the rising importance of talent mobility, globally.

Over the past two decades, Robert has worked diligently with colleagues and peers to inspire and advance the global mobility industry to a new level.

At the core of his achievements, lies his passion for innovation, technology and contextual and predictive data. Over the last couple decades, he has helped to drive and implement several digital solutions, many of which are now a standard part of global mobility.

In an interview with FEM, Robert says, “Technology is critical for how we share information. It should be integrated, comprehensive and relevant to four different stakeholders: the employee, the business, the Global Mobility professional and the supply network. And yet, it must be personal. It has to work on the people level, as well as the engineer level.”

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