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Jun 17 2020

July Visa Bulletin Update: USCIS to Honor Final Action Dates for Employment-Based Categories Next Month

United States

At a glance

USCIS will accept employment-based adjustment applications in July from foreign nationals with a priority date that is earlier than the Final Action Dates listed in the State Department's July Visa Bulletin.

Employment-Based Priority Date Cut-offs for July 2020

To be eligible to file an employment-based adjustment application in July, employer-sponsored foreign nationals must have a priority date that is earlier than the date listed below for their preference category and country. 

USCIS has again chosen the Final Action Dates chart for employment-based applications.   

USCIS Cutoff Dates for July 2020


China: August 22, 2017

India: May 8, 2017

All other countries: Current                                                                            


China: November 8, 2015

India: July 8, 2009

All other countries: Current

EB-3 Professionals and Skilled Workers  

China: June 22, 2016

India: June 1, 2009

All other countries: April 15, 2018

EB-3 Other Workers  

China: July 22, 2008

India: June 1, 2009

All other countries: April 15, 2018


El Salvador, Guatemala Honduras: February 1, 2017

Mexico: June 15, 2018

All other countries: Current


China: July 22, 2015

India: Current

Vietnam: May 15, 2017

All other countries: Current 

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