Jul 10 2018

List of Accepted Health Insurance Companies Published


The situation

The Intendencia Nacional de Seguros published the list of health insurance companies accepted for the fulfillment of the health insurance certificate requirement adopted in 2017 for all identification card applications in Ecuador.

Prior to this publication, the government accepted certificates from all private health insurance companies.

A closer look

Only health insurance certificates issued by the following companies are accepted:

  • Ecuasanitas S.A.
  • Medicina Prepagada Cruz Blanca S.A.
  • BMI Igualas Medicas del Ecuador S.A.
  • Horizontes Business Company S.A.
  • Medicina para el Ecuador MediEcuador Humana S.A.
  • Blue Card Ecuador S.A.
  • Compañía de Medicina Prepagada Inmedical Medicina Internacional S.A.
  • Confiamed S.A.
  • Plus Medical Services S.A. Ecuatoriana de Medicina Prepagada
  • SALUDSA Sistema de Medicina Prepagada del Ecuador S.A.
  • MED.I.KEN Medicina Integral Kennedy S.A.
  • Plan Vital Vitalplan S.A.
  • MED-EC S.A.
  • Latina Salud Compañía de Medicina Prepagada S.A. LATINASALUD
  • Best Doctors S.A. Empresa de Medicina Prepagada
  • ASISKEN Asistencia Médica S.A.
  • VUMILATINA Medicina Prepagada S.A.


The Ecuadorian identification card application is mandatory for visa nationals and optional for visa-exempt nationals.

Other requirements such as full coverage in Ecuador and renewability remain unchanged.


Visa nationals must obtain their health insurance from one of the approved companies prior to applying for an identification card. An identification card is required to register a consular visa upon arrival in Ecuador.

Foreign nationals seeking an identification card must enroll with one of the approved health insurance companies. This process will add a few days to the overall identification card processing time.

Foreign nationals who obtained their identification card prior to July 6 by securing health insurance coverage with a private entity not included in the new list do not need to take any action until a renewal is needed, at which point they can only enroll in a policy with an approved company to qualify for an identification card.

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