Nov 02 2017

Passport Extension Process Released


Executive Summary

Venezuelan immigration authorities released the process by which Venezeulan nationals with eligible current passports can obtain a two-year passport extension.

The situation

Steps released for passport extension process

A closer look

Venezuelan immigration authorities have released the process by which foreign nationals with eligible current passports can obtain a two-year passport extension as of November 1, 2017. This process was implemented since new passports are currently unavailable due to a shortage of materials.

In order to obtain the two-year renewal, eligible Venezuelan nationals must:

  • Fill out an application and pay required fees online. Applicants in Venezuela should be sure to indicate the office from which they want to collect their approval notice and applicants outside Venezuela should indicate a consulate.
  • Upon approval, the applicant will receive a text message and email indicating when the approval notice can be collected.
  • On the date specified, the applicant should bring their passport to the specified office for stamping.


The stamped passport will be valid for two years from the date of stamping.

Other passport scenarios

  • Renewal process started before November 1. Venezuelan nationals who submitted a passport renewal application prior to November 1 must wait to receive their new passport. If they require their passport before the new one arrives, they can use the extension stamping process and request that the extension be expedited by showing proof of their imminent trip and by paying a fee. Their prior order for a new passport would then be cancelled.
  • Other categories. Venezuelan nationals who are applying for an initial passport, who lost or had their passport stolen, or who otherwise do not fit the criteria for the passport stamping process can still be issued a new passport.


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