Virginia, US

Apr 10 2018

State Immigration Administration Created


The situation

China’s Ministry of Public Security has announced the creation of the State Immigration Administration, a new government agency that will oversee the entry and exit of foreign nationals.

A closer look

The new agency will be responsible for overseeing the following key issues:

  • Coordinating immigration functions that previously existed among various government agencies;
  • Formulating and implementing immigration policies;
  • Conducting border control activities;
  • Regulating foreign nationals’ entry and stay in China;
  • Monitoring, overseeing and repatriating foreign nationals who illegally stay or who are illegally employed in China;
  • Controlling the exit and entry of Chinese nationals leaving China; and
  • Engaging in international immigration agreements.



The agency was created in line with China’s recent policies favoring a more open border and its intention to attract highly-skilled foreign workers.


The establishment of the new agency is expected to help track and control the flow of foreign nationals who stay and work in China, enhance existing immigration services and encourage the entry of global talent.

It is not clear what role the other existing agencies will continue to have at this stage.

Looking ahead

Fragomen will monitor the situation and report updated related information once it becomes available.

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