Jan 14 2016

Authorities Clarify Work Permit and Transformable Visa Requirements



Based on a recent clarifying statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Transformable Visa has not been discontinued, but in fact, can only be applied for after the issuance of a work permit by the Economic Development Board of Madagascar.

Prior to the clarifying notice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign employees were allowed to apply for a Transformable Visa using only a validated contract and certificate of deposit (attestation de dépôt), which are interim documents issued prior to approval of the work permit.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals seeking to work in Madagascar should note that the Transformable Visa has not been eliminated, and that they must obtain a work permit and a Transformable Visa before entering the country. Those entering Madagascar without a work permit and Transformable Visa will be refused entry.

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